Philippe Jakko

Film score composer  Award-winning musician based in the UK and France

2015 Best Score Award - Jerry Goldsmith Award
2017 Best Score Award - "Cinema family festival of Quebec"

Behind the music of Enemy Lines

Enemy Lines

enregistrement musique / music studio recording for director Valérie Donzelli

Notre Dame

la musique originale du film de Michel Boujenah "le coeur en Braille" 


Les meilleurs Moments de la Bande Originale de Philippe Jakko

Si tu vois ma mère

Scoring sessions (E-one) for director Dominic Burns
composed orchestrated and conducted by Philippe Jakko. mixed by Xavier Dromard.


Behind the Score with composer Philippe Jakko


" the Krostons"  Studio Canal / Le Studio d'Imagination
director: Frederic Du Chau / music Philippe Jakko

The Krostons

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Philippe Jakko

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