Film Music Composer

Philippe Jakko


final member of the french
rights society of authors. (Sacem).

Awards and nominations
Best Tv film score award (Jerry Goldsmith awards-Cordoba-spain 2015)
Best feature film score nomination (Jerry Goldsmith awards-cordoba-spain 2015)

Best tv score nomination and best title sequence nomination (music+sound awards- London 2015)

Best tv score nomination
Best artistic direction award

(La Rochelle Festival-France 2013)

Ballet Music credits
«Kelkemo» : Dance company Accrorap , created on «biennale de la danse de Lyon». international tour. 1996

«Hip hop opera» : as composer and conductor, for 8 dancers, Dj, cello solo , percussions, soprano, tenor , electronic and strings.
created at «centre chorégraphique national de Chateauvallon/ Toulon» . France, Germany and Nederland tour. 1997

"Les Corps Etrangers" for 10 dancers , piano, strings, electronic . ( french national dance center of La Rochelle)
european tour
performed at Modern art biennial of Venice / Italy in 2007

Stage and Theater

"Ma vie rêvée" - One man Show -Michel Boujenah- france/ 2014/2015 - on tour-

«Betty May - the musical-»
composer musical direction
London- in developpment- Desapinaud Prod Ltd.

Songwriter credits

N°1 Hit single " Yakalelo" France 1998. 1500 000 copies. top 5 in Poland , Nederland, portugal, scandinavia. England club charts/ Mtv Europe charts .

N°5 Hit single
"Saté San" (TF1/sony) France 1999.

-Songs for TF1 TV Show «Star academy» 2001/2002 (top20)

N°1 Hit single
"Parce qu'on sait jamais" performer Christophe Maé (Warner) LP «mon Paradis»
France 2008.
1 500 000e LP copies.

Charles Berling - first album
«jeune chanteur» (EMI france ) February 2012
composers: Philippe Jakko, Carla Bruni, Bertrand Burgalat.

Advertising music and Corporate Music

Sagemcom Sixty phone / publicis Paris.
SNCF / film LGV est.
CGG-passion for geoscience
Conseil régional des Landes - film promotionnel
Credit Agricole. film institutionnel

Film credits

Feature Films:

"The Krostons: masters of the universe" (Tinker group) . in development 2017

"Le coeur en Braille" dir. Michel Boujenah (Gaumont/ajoz films) France 2016

"La belle etoile" dir Caroline Chomienne (Altermedia) in post production 2016.

"Cuba Libre" dir Caroline Chomienne (Altermedia) in post production 2016.

"Kaufman's Game" director Helier Bissell-Thomas / in post-prod /UK 2016

"Allies" director Dominic Burns
/ UK 2014

Film TV:

"Que d'amour!" director Valérie Donzelli- France 2013/14 - ARTE
Best score award
Best Artistic Direction award

Documentary Tv
Square-Arte "Dominique Barletta, conductrice" dir. Charles Berling

Short films cinema:
directors Ruben Jochimek and Nathanael Guedj,
«Dépareillé» dir. mickael Pierrard 2013,
«After the snow» dir. Chloe Graham/ Diea prod. london/Uk . 2014
"2 horrible little girls" dir. J.Jenkinson . award (lomography) for best short / London film festival London jan. 2015

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